Airtel 3G Dot Proxy Trick-June 2012

Hi friends,this topic is to provide full instructions for airtel new twitter bq trick.For facebook and torrent read both first and second post HIGH SPEED FACEBOOK

For high speed facebook in 3g areas the simplest way to open facebook is to open 

Code: [Select]
Code: [Select]

after applying dotproxy method and browse facebook through it.. You may use any glype proxy site.

See 2nd reply
For those who got their dot proxy crashed see here

Dot proxy suppliment 3rd reply
First thanking to different people who discovered different types of methods which I'm joining here.
So lets start

Things needed
1) Dotproxy
2) Proxifier
3) your freedom or dot proxy.
First open up dotproxy and set it to 

 listen to port 8080.
Now in url mode type
(The thing that matters is the / at
the so dont forget that /).
Dotproxy is done
Now open your freedom, in ports tab uncheck all and in web proxy port type 8888. Now tick it.

Now in status tab click configure server connection. In address port 80. proxy type http. Uncheck all ticks except reconnect after server shutdown. Come to proxy settings tab and in
proxy address type ems
(1-35) (1-35
means enter any no from 1 to 35).
port 80. proxy type http/https
Now come to account information tab and fill your username and password. (to signup go to
click on start connection.your freedom is done.Now turn of proxifier. Since I have new proxifier hence I'm giving here methods according to new proxifier only. Those who have older one please upgrade. Download the attachment given below, extract file Airtel proxifier.ppx in a folder In proxifier, just click on file import profile& Airtel proxifier.ppx and you are done I tried to open facebook from this trick and got that it was

not opening so I have routed it also through your freedom so if u have to open fb have to connect your freedom or http tunnel also. In place of your freedom http tunnel can be used (see second post) . If u face any difficulty just


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