Reliance 99 Rs Plan Trick Again-Relaince Unlimited 3G tRICK-2012

 Reliance 99 Rs Plan trick again,now enjoy unlimited 3G data free

Hi what you just heard is true. I too was shocked and pleased.. Please make sure that your balance is below in case of failure oftrick,so that your balance doesn't deduct To start the trickor gprstrick on your mobile phone you have to follow to steps:- i would advise you to open the links in pc. This is Reliance official site.

Step 1:Go above link there
you found ''Enter You Name''
and Mobile No 

Step 2:Enter your name and
mobile number 

Step 3:If you are a RIM userlike me than must put ''0''before your number Step4.Put your real name andmobile number because theysend you a password on your give number Now The password you
receive put that password inthis link After submit your mobile number and the pin code you received wait for some time (maximum 1 hour).Then check your data balance by dialing *367 and listen you get 2.5gb data free ...enjoy your plan has been activated.If any problem occurs then comment here.This trick is tested by me and working 100%


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